Core Values

                             Core Values


Core values are intrinsic factors, essential and enduring tenets of an organization. They are the
foundational characteristics and timeless guiding principles for which the organization stands
and is known for and, therefore, no compromise can be made on them under any circumstance.
Core values give qualitative identity and inner focus points for an organization in its outward
working for its mission and goals. Core values stand the test of time and members come to a
realization of these values as they work together in common pursuit of reaching out to their
vision. UESI, as a movement of God’s people in this country, has lived out these core values
since its inception, enabled by the grace and power of God.

Centrality of the Word of God:

For UESI, the Word of God shall be the touchstone. It provides the standards and light for life
and ministry. This envisages teaching and practising Quiet Time and Bible Study which lead to
humble, honest, and thoughtful application of the Scripture in every area of life, both as students
and graduates. Particularly, emphasis is focused on Bible truth as well as formation of a
Christian mind and lifestyle which reflect the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Relationship with God:

Relationship with God is to have an intimate fellowship with God all through the day in all the
things we do, say, or think. The quality of our intimacy with God will be reflected and lived out in
our attitude and quality of our relationship to others. Our relationship to Christ and the Word of
God should so permeate our life that our thinking and action will always be biblical. A member of
UESI is required to enjoy and experience this relationship before he or she involves in the work.
The regular Quite Time with God, personal study of His word and communication with God in
prayer are utmost importance in the life of every believer, so that one’s involvement and
activities are the result of his/her deep love for the Lord. Truth in inner part, fellowshipping, and
inner communication with the Triune God and divine guidance from within are essential for the
members. We need to be God’s holy people practising His righteousness and love (first and
foremost) at home, college campuses, and in our workspots. Therefore, our programmes will be
focused on developing this aspect.


Fellowship represents spiritual unity among members of UESI family. We are not basically
task-oriented people. While task is important, fellowship is more important. Ministry is ushered in
and sustained through fellowship. This includes caring, sharing, and bearing one another in love
for Christ’s sake and as enabled by the Holy Spirit. Transparent sharing of one another’s
problems and confidentiality should mark the fellowship. The fellowship as a family needs to
exhibit the influence of the Word of God in their lives. Nurture and discipling are received as
members learn from one another when they meet as a cell group to share and study His Word.
Each member of UESI family is quite unique and different in terms of call, gifts, and personhood
and endeavours to minister to one another in humble dependence on God. Interdenominational
stand is taken to respect each believer.

Personal Care:

Every individual is given importance in UESI and is expected to make his unique contribution to
the Kingdom of God. Each member of UESI has the privilege given by God to take care of the
people of God, young or old, to enable them to blossom to their God-given potential, to lend
their hands in support and building of His kingdom in this country and beyond. Thus personal
evangelism, one to one discipling, and open homes are encouraged so that each individual is cared for. This will enable him to receive moral, prayer, and resource support from members of
UESI family. Students will have the freedom to approach graduates to share their problems.

Student Initiative:

UESI ministry is a ministry among students where the initiative and direct responsibility for the
witness to the Lord Jesus Christ on campuses are in the hands of the students themselves
rather than fulltime workers, experienced graduates or the organization. UESI believes that
students – led and enabled by the Holy Spirit – are best equipped to reach other students. They
are best aware of existing philosophies and paradigms among students and they are in touch
with the issues and challenges. In the EUs, students, under the initiation of the Holy Spirit,
voluntarily accept the initiative and responsibility of their united witness and evangelistic
outreach. They believe that this is entrusted to them by the Lord and they fulfil their charge in
dependence on Him. The staff and graduates are to aid, advise, encourage, and support. They
are only spiritual coaches. Students have the freedom to choose, to decide to plan, to be and to
do things in the EU, as a group under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and in consultation with the
senior adviser.

Life of Faith and Prayer:

UESI is known as a movement of prayer. It is called to a life of faith which depends on God for
all its needs and not just for finance. This value has to be part of the lives of graduates,
students, and staff. Hence, the mutual help and support among members of UESI family.
Students should be able to see this life of faith seen in the graduates and staff so that they are
challenged to imitate them. The needs of the members as well as the movement are met by the
members out of Christian love and responsibility. Public appeals and pledges are not made.
Simplicity and contented life should mark the life of every member

Moral Purity and Financial Integrity:

UESI shall maintain high standards of moral and ethical purity in relationships and
responsibilities. UESI is committed to maintain integrity in the way we obtain financial and
material resources, in maintaining accounts and in utilizing such God given resources. This
principle is also applicable to all members of the fellowship.

Shared Leadership:

Leadership in UESI is and shall be based on Christlike humble servanthood. The focus is loving
and faithful stewardship of responsibilities for His sake and for His glory. There is no
one-person-show in UESI. Decisions in the working of the movement shall be made by waiting
on God, humble dependence on the leading of the Spirit, and consensus among those who are
called to give direction to the movement.

Responsibility to Society:

UESI believes that we are called to be responsible citizens of the land. This means that both
individually and corporately we will obey the laws of the land be exemplary citizens of India.
UESI is called to promote peace and harmony. It is also committed to the growth and
development of a just and righteous society and will take a stand against social evils and


Core values are caught rather than taught. They have to be walked rather than talked about.
Therefore, the members need to live out these Core Values and impart them to next generation
by and through their lives as propelled by the Spirit of God. As we look back to see how the Lord
has led us thus far, it is important that we track down the core-values that have emerged in our
movement and about ourselves and solemnly affirm in Christ to practise these core-values in
our lives and ministries.

We are not...

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